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Business for Product Quality Research and Development

In recent years, our company not only has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification but also manufactures every antenna according to the military standard strictly. We have top and perfect Product R&D center, Antenna testing and inspection center, and Electromagnetic compatibility technique inspection center.

  • Antenna testing and inspection center

The existing antenna testing site type of our company includes Plane near field, Sphere near field, Compact field, Semi-open distant field etc. They cover the frequency band from UHF band to W band, which can do accurate electrical performance test and systematic integration test for antennas with different diameter. The compact field adopts double-reflector system, especially fit the antennas with strict requirement in cross polarization, such as testing for communication antennas. From establishment till now, the above fields have finished testing for communication series, GPS series, remote sensing series and atmosphere series antennas, whose testing capacity and methods has taken leading position in domestic areas. Meanwhile, they provide a series of quality services for dozens of scientific research institution inland, such as antenna testing and technology consulting etc.

Now there are still testing sites being established, like sphere near field, horizontal near field etc. The sphere near field adopts multi-probe system, especially suitable for wide-beam antenna testing in complex environment; while the horizontal near field is suitable for flexible antenna testing. The completion of above testing sites will make our antenna testing capacity edge into world leading position.

Our company has brought in the whole set Electromagnetic compatibility equipment from Rohde&Schwarz Company in Germany. There are 3 meters semi-anechoic shielding chamber and 3 meters shielding chamber of German Albatross Project Company in testing areas. Our inspection center can satisfy 18 testing requirements of military standard GJB151A-97 and GJB152A-97 except RS105. And it can finish most of the testing items of IEC61000 series standard and some testing items of CISPR series standard.

After more than ten years development, our inspection center has accumulated a lot of inspection data and testing experience. To make greater breakthroughs in Electromagnetic compatibility areas, we are transforming from inspection type to technology research type lab. When finishing Electromagnetic compatibility testing, we will develop in multiple professional areas of Electromagnetic compatibility technique.

In order to establish a “First inland and first in the world” lab in Electromagnetic compatibility area, our inspection center is developing further toward the normalization and specialization under the quality policy of “Best Quality, Scientific Management, Leading Technology, Accuracy And Fairness, Customer Satisfied”. We focus on improving professional skills to realize the quality aim of “Without quality accident during Electromagnetic compatibility testing, Continuous improvement on technique and management level, continuous increasing on customers’ satisfaction”. In the near future, we believe that the position and technical skills of our inspection center will have great effect in the same industry inland.