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Introduction of flyaway satellite station’s news gathering system

Introduction of flyaway satellite station’s news gathering system

Based on the existing application of flyaway satellite station system, considered the actual situation of audio and video publicity, the scope and depth of technical products is further expanded. The systematic design principle is established from aspects of product price, appearance, techniques, performance and technology reforming.

Basis for main systematic design and model selection are as follows:

* Mobility: it can quickly carry the equipment to news site through vehicles, aircraft and even manpower.

* Adaptability to field: it can satisfy the requirements of filed news site work, of communication link construction in adverse environment including temperature, humidity and air pressure.

*Easy operation: two or three people can operate the equipment after simple training.

* High-quality real-time video transmission:  it can satisfy the requirement of video transmission of broadcast studio.

* Unified interface and transmission standard: the device’s interface is unified as standard SDI embedded audio one and the standard DVB is used by the device to broadcast.

* High integration: flyaway satellite station can be packed in two aviation boxes. Audio and video code device use one aviation box. The whole equipment only consists of two or three aviation boxes.

* Economy of equipment purchase: The whole equipment selection is to ensure transmission effect and efficiently reduce purchase cost as well.

* The system with high flexibility can support a variety of transmission modes. It can support standard DVB-S mode and advanced transmission modes including DVB-S2, H.264, etc., which efficiently reduces satellite bandwidth and supports analog audio-video input interface.

* More importantly, based on the existing technology, necessary technical renovation should be implemented according to the specific requirement of news gathering in order to realize the function of flyaway news gathering station in true sense. Flyaway satellite station which is the important part of emergency communication system and three-dimensional news gathering network is mainly applied in emergency coverage to improve the reaction speed. It offers a type of news gathering terminal based on satellite communication which possesses characteristics of mobility, easy to operate, strong transmission, high integration.

  In actual report, it can transfer high-speed data rate above 6Mbps and transmit live video content to satellite communication center in real-time by DVB. And it can transfer demodulated SDI signal to audio-video edit system and studio by utilizing optical and optical fiber device.